Work experience

Secondary school work experience

Due to the number of applications received Zoos Victoria opens work experience applications in term 3 2014 for work experience in 2015.

Please check this website for further updates.

The application process will open for students in Years 10-12 for work experience in 2015. Students must complete an application form and submit these via their school careers advisor. Please note that at Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo students work a day in various departments within the zoo.

Further information on how to apply to Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo will be available shortly.

Tertiary education supervised work based placement

Please read below for information on how to apply in 2014. We will be accepting applications from February to April 2014.

A number of tertiary courses require students to complete a certain amount of hours in practical work placements. Zoos Victoria has established partnerships with many Victorian tertiary institutions to provide a work experience facility to their students.

Students enrolled in relevant courses may be offered placements in the Life Sciences division, but placements are limited and only open to those institutions listed below.

Generally, each placement extends for a period up to 80 hours over a one or two-week period, but can be more or less depending upon the circumstances obtaining at the time.

Students interested in applying for tertiary placements at one of the three Zoos Victoria campuses, do so through their institution and their work placement or course coordinator. They will have an electronic application form for you to fill out and return back to them, which will then be submitted to us.

Applications will be accepted from the start of February to 30 April each year.

Institutions currently in partnership with Zoos Victoria are:

Box Hill Institute of TAFE
Deakin University
Victoria University of Technology
Melbourne University
La Trobe University
Gippsland TAFE

Veterinary students

The Veterinary Department currently offers a clinical externship program for students undertaking the Veterinary Science degree. The program is offered to students completing their final (clinical) years and is advertised within the Veterinary Science faculties each year. A covering letter and CV are submitted 12-18 months in advance of the nominated placement periods, and placements are allocated on the basis of the written application.

For Melbourne Zoo the program is generally advertised during January–February of each year (for placements during the following year). At Healesville Sanctuary applications are accepted all year round. Students should be aware that there is strong competition for these placements, as they are offered to students at all vet schools in Australia. All students are expected to be self-motivated, enthusiastic and clinically competent. A basic knowledge of the principles of wildlife and exotic animal medicine is assumed.