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ROA Image 1

Street artist inspired at Healesville Sanctuary


They appeared over the weekend, a giant Mountain Pygmy-possum and a Platypus on a wall and water tower at Healesville Sanctaury to feature the work of international street artist, Roa.

15 November 2012
Love Your Locals tram launch image 1

Victoria's most endangered take to the streets

A City Circle tram has been dressed up to feature Zoos Victoria’s 20 priority native threatened species.

24 October 2012
Rex, first time David dad, celebrates father's day

Healesville Sanctuary boosts numbers on Threatened Species Day

To coincide with Threatened Species Day, Healesville Sanctuary is celebrating births of 18 Tasmanian Devil joeys, 24 Helmeted Honeyeaters, 23 Orange-bellied Parrots, 1129 Spotted Tree Frogs, 20 Southern Corroboree Frogs, 120 Northern Corroboree Frogs and 16 Mountain Pygmy-possums.

10 September 2012
Feathertail Gliders

Colour my world, tiny Glider

Healesville Sanctuary is using cutting edge technology to tag some of its smallest collection animals. Vets have inject fluorescent ink into Basil and Rosemary, two of its Feathertail Gliders during a unique veterinary procedure.

22 August 2012
Lunar's secret forest

Discover the magic of Lunar’s Secret Forest

Hidden within the heart of a magical forest, day turns to night, tiny eyes twinkle and shadows dart from tree to tree. Venture into the world of the Leadbeater's Possum guided by the brave and super-quick Lunar Leadbeater's. As Lunar reveals the secrets of her forest home, you will have the power to shine a light and change the future of this tiny endangered Victorian possum—a local Victorian, just like you.

19 June 2012
Lunar's vet check

Lunar the Leadbeater’s Possum’s first vet check

Lunar the female Leadbeater's Possum to begin Healesville Sanctuary's captive breeding program had her first ever vet check at Healesville Sanctuary today.

29 May 2012

Saving Millie the Sooty Owl

Millie the Sooty Owl is getting some advanced veterinary treatment from the team at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary. She is only the second Sooty Owl's brought to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre in over a decade.

14 May 2012
Tinka's joey

Name our roo

Healesville Sanctuary keepers are seeing red after the first of three Red Kangaroo joeys popped her head out of mum's pouch yesterday, just in time for Mother's Day. And Sunday Herald Sun readers have a chance to name her!

4 May 2012
Helmet Honeyeater calling

Helmeted Honeyeaters' sweet release to save species

Fifteen critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeaters will be released into the wild today as efforts by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Healesville Sanctuary continue to save the bird from extinction.

22 March 2012
Baby platypuses

Last chance to meet baby Platypus

Visitors have just one more week to lock in a play date at Healesville Sanctuary with two baby Platypuses who now have names, thanks to our visitors who submitted hundreds of entries!

17 March 2012