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Stuttering Frog on greenery

Leaping ahead of extinction

This weekend, March 3rd/4th, you are invited to join Zoos Victoria in their support of conservation efforts for amphibians across the globe by enjoying some very special frog-focused family activities at Melbourne Zoo.

1 March 2012
Tiger cub birthday treat

Tiger cubs 2nd birthday

Sumatran Tiger brothers Hutan and Aceh enjoyed special treats on their second birthday, featuring chicken drumsticks and extra lean mince. The brothers, who were born in the litter of four that included the two girls Indrah and Rani.

13 February 2012
Baby crocodile

Crocodile conservation commitment

Melbourne Zoo is proud to announce a new partnership with Lacoste and Save Your Logo which will greatly benefit the endangered Philippines Crocodile.

27 January 2012
Mali's 2nd birthday

Mali milestone


The first elephant calf ever born at Melbourne Zoo celebrated her second birthday by squashing her 2-shaped birthday cake and splashing around in the pool.

17 January 2012
Dewi's 1st birthday

Dewi turns one

Sumatran Orang-utan Dewi celebrated her first birthday on December 6th, along with mother Maimunah, father Santan, and big brother Menyaru.

Dewi opened some birthday treat boxes, with help from her mother, but seemed just as interested in the wrapping paper as the treats.

7 December 2011
Real sized Mali

Zoo celebrations begin

Melbourne Zoo today began its year-long 150th birthday party with the announcement of a stellar line-up for the Zoo's popular Twilights Season and two major new financial partnerships.

17 November 2011

Melbourne Zoo’s meerkats make history

Melbourne Zoo's meerkat troupe of nine have moved into their new home at the recently renovated Royal Children's Hospital precinct at the weekend. The hospital will become the first in the world to permanently exhibit live animals.

17 October 2011
Baboons Lookout! on Vimeo

Baboon Lookout launch

Melbourne Zoo is celebrating a major milestone!

Sixteen Hamadryas Baboons have moved into their new, spacious, and custom-designed Baboon Lookout.

20 September 2011
Another jumbo joy for Melbourne Zoo video

Another jumbo joy for elephant family

Melbourne Zoo is set to hear the patter of giant feet with the announcement of Asian Elephant Num-Oi's pregnancy today.

Num-Oi's pregnancy to Bong Su, via artificial insemination, was confirmed by blood tests which monitor hormone levels.

2 August 2011
Sumatran Orang-utan Sanctuary

Zoo refutes allegations

Melbourne Zoo refutes allegations from Malaysian Palm Oil Council chief executive Tan Sri Datuk concerning the welfare of the orang-utans in the Zoo's Orang-utan Sanctuary.

1 August 2011