Melbourne Zoo

Baboon Behind the Scenes

Meal time is a frantic affair for baboons. With cheeks that act as food stores, this species of monkey will collect as much as it can as quickly as possible. It’s a case of first in best dressed and sharing is not an option!

At Melbourne Zoo you can head behind the scenes with our expert keepers to be part of the excitement in this exclusive experience. Once the baboons are safely off display you will be given the fun task of entering the baboon exhibit to take a close look at how these animals  live in their custom built exhibit before helping to hide their food as creatively as you can.

Watch as our keepers releases the baboons back into their exhibit from an exclusive viewing area, try your hand at and timing how long it takes the baboons to find all the food you have hidden.

Whilst behind the scenes you will also have the chance to see the equipment they play with, hear how our keepers care for them and smell . . . how a baboon smells!

Although once hunted, this species is not under threat; in fact in good news the wild population is thought to be increasing. However, in some areas, the spread of agriculture and the results of the worst drought in more than half a century means that people, livestock and wildlife are desperately competing for survival. In response to this environmental catastrophe, Zoos Victoria has created a campaign named Beads for Wildlife. Melbourne Zoo sells beautiful hand-crafted beadwork created by women in the Melako Community Conservancy. By purchasing these beads you can help change the lives of people and wildlife in Northern Kenya.